By Cailey Rizzo
August 09, 2018

The newest way to see New Zealand is being flung almost 500 feet over it in a human slingshot.

A daring new exhibition of adventure travel, the Nevis Catapult in Queenstown is now open for intrepid travelers who want their bodies to be hurled 60 miles per hour through the air.

The daredevils who visit the catapult will “be propelled 150m up and out across the Nevis Valley, experiencing up to 3Gs of force as you reach speeds of almost 100kms an hour in 1.5 seconds flat,” according to the attraction’s website.

The catapult itself will last between three and four minutes, but the entire trek will take about four hours, including a bus ride to and from the Nevis Valley, where the catapult is located.

The Nevis Catapult claims to be the largest catapult in the world.

Humans who wish to try out the slingshot must be at least 13 years old and weigh at least 60 pounds. It costs about $170 ($255 NZ) to experience.

Those who thrive on adventure travel can plan an entire itinerary in Queenstown. The city also has bungee jumping, jet boating, canyoning, a wire climb across a waterfall, and something called OGO (an inflatable ball you can climb into and roll around the countryside).