The new museum is slated to open in January.

selfie museum
Sylvester McCoy and Neve McIntosh take a selfie during C2E2 Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo at McCormick Place on April 26, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois.
| Credit: Photo by Daniel Boczarski—Getty Images

Get your selfie sticks out because a museum dedicated to selfies is opening in Los Angeles in January.

The Selfie Museum will showcase selfie-inspired art and provide a number of spaces to take selfies for museum-goers. Many of the exhibits will play to staples of social media like food and bathroom mirror pictures, Mashable reported.

"We definitely want people to laugh or be surprised by the entire exhibit. So we have the visual humor where people walk up, and they engage with the space. And we're hoping they laugh, or they're surprised, or are amused, and that they can't help but want to take a picture with it,” co-founder Tommy Honton told Mashable.

Honton added that the museum offers an interactive experience.

"The relationship between people and art has changed," he said. "Now people don't want to just be a silent consumer, they want to be a part of the art. There are many more selfies with the Mona Lisa than actual Mona Lisas."

Honton and co-creator Tair Mamedov are also commissioning new pieces of work for the museum.

The museum will charge $25 for admission. The official opening date has yet to be announced.