Los Angeles, California
Credit: Cameran Ashraf/Getty Images

There’s good news and there’s bad news for home sharers in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles City Council approved a new draft ordinance last week that includes new regulations on short-term rentals in the city. While the new policy would officially make many Airbnbs legal in L.A., it would also place pretty strident regulations on hosts.

According to Business Insider, one of the biggest regulations limits the number of days people can rent out their home to 120 days per year. Plus, hosts will only be able to rent out their primary residence, and rent-stabilized or affordable housing cannot be rented out.

“We crafted an ordinance that allows good operators to thrive and weeds out those who are cited as nuisances to their neighbors,” Councilman Jose Huizar said in a statement, the Los Angeles Times reported. Housing activists have been campaigning for restrictions like these for a long time, saying that homeowners who rent out their properties like hotels make housing concerns worse.

If the new policy becomes law, all hosts will have to register their home with the city or pay fines. Websites like Airbnb and HomeAway would also face fines if unregistered listings are found on the sites.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it’s possible that the new policy will also include a code of conduct that hosts will have to agree to as well.