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It won’t be long until thrillseekers at Disney California Adventure can finally take a ride with the superhero family from “The Incredibles” on the Incredicoaster. And once they strap in, they might notice a few, brand new upgrades to the ride.

The Incredicoaster has been under construction since January 2017, and it’s only a few weeks out from its June 23 debut. The new coaster is on Pixar Pier, formerly the site of the California Screamin’ coaster, WDW News reported.

Not only will the new ride be decked out with Incredibles details, it will also include a new launch introduction by Dash, the superfast son in the movie. The introduction plays just as the roller coaster cars are sent down the track.

WDW News shared this video of the ride, above.

When the coaster was still called California Screamin’, the voiceover was provided by Neil Patrick Harris.

Now that Dash is introducing guests to the new roller coaster, everyone should be ready for some serious speed.