Lows reach 3 degrees in some areas
New England weather forecast
Credit: Boston Globe / Contributor

Parts of the Northeast were treated to a White Christmas Monday, and the cold air that came with it shows no signs of dissipating anytime soon.

An arctic air mass has begun to move into the region and will plunge much of New England into bitter cold temperatures for the remainder of 2017, the Boston Globe reports. Temps are expected to drop into the teens and even into single digit lows towards the end of the week.

The western side of Massachusetts already saw temperatures in the teens as of Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service, and by the following day only the opposite side of the state by the coast is expected to reach the 20s, with most of New England descending into the teens.

Starting Thursday, the situation is expected to get even worse.

Teens will be the high temperatures throughout greater Boston and will reach bitter 3 degrees by the evening, the NWS predicts. That trend is expected to continue throughout the weekend, with a chance of snow on Saturday, and into New Year’s Day. During that time, the western edge of the state bordering New York could reach a piercing negative-30 degrees.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh urged residents to bundle up and keep an eye out on the elderly, disabled and homeless.

“In times like these, it’s vital for residents to look out for one another, and I encourage all Bostonians to reach out to the City if they or their neighbors need help this winter season,” he said in a statement, according to the Globe.