A Once-in-a-lifetime Comet Was the Backdrop for These Couples' Engagements

These engagement photos are truly out of this world.

John Nicotera and Erica proposal under Comet NEOWISE
Photo: Timothy Leach, @tleach18

Proposing to the love of your life during a pandemic isn’t ideal. John Nicotera originally planned on popping the question to his girlfriend, Erica Pendrak, at Crater Lake in Oregon until the coronavirus pandemic threw a wrench in his plans.

Instead, Nicotera decided to take Pedrak to Old Forge, New York, and surprised her by proposing during an event that comes around every 6,800 years.

John Nicotera and Erica proposal under Comet NEOWISE
Timothy Leach, @tleach18

As CNN reported, the couple used the Neowise comet as the backdrop for their engagement, and with the help of photographer friend Tim Leach, they were able to capture beautiful photos that will last a lifetime.

But Nicotera wasn’t the only one who decided to take advantage of the stars aligning. Brian Thompson told CNN he loves “taking pictures of stars and astrology,” and also used the cosmic event to propose to his girlfriend, Hanna Allen, in North Carolina.

Allen told CNN she had no idea Thompson was going to propose, and was so excited she didn’t care that she was wearing sweatpants.

According to NPR, precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus haven’t stopped a spike in marriage license applications in courthouses across the country. Greg Parks, who is in charge of an office that grants marriage licenses in Alexandria, Virginia, told NPR his office issued almost 30 percent more licenses than last year.

The Neowise comet will only be seen in the sky until July 23, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate these moments for the special person in your life. According to Space.com, the annual Perseid meteor shower will make an appearance in the skies on the morning of Aug. 12, followed by the Geminids shower from Dec. 12 to 14.

Travel restrictions are forcing people to get creative about how they propose, and these couples prove you can still take your love to the next level despite a pandemic.

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