Natty Light Will Send Your Parents to Alaska so You Can Have the House to Yourself for a Weekend

Beer money included.

As a long (long, long) school year comes to a close, recent college grads may be feeling restless. Whether they spent the entire year attending virtual classes from their childhood bedrooms or recently returned to their parents' homes after a year on campus, the house may be starting to feel a bit crowded right about now.

So Natural "Natty" Light wants to make everything better by sending one lucky person's parents to Alaska for a long weekend.

"The pandemic has forced a lot of quality time and for many, canceled the independent recent grad experience," Daniel Blake, vice president of US core and value brands at Anheuser-Busch, said in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure. "We found the perfect way to give our fans and their parents some freedom, by sending mom and dad off on a once in a lifetime, secluded and, most importantly, distant wilderness retreat in Alaska."

Natural Light

And the prize is epic. The winner will receive a $20,000 gift card to a travel agency so they can purchase a tricked-out trip for their parents to Alaska. They could book one of the first cruises returning to Alaska after the pandemic shutdown or visit one of the national parks via helicopter.

While the winner's parents are in Alaska, Natty Light will provide everything necessary for a legendary staycation, including enough cash for two cases of Naturdays beer (yes, the strawberry lemonade flavored one) and some extra dough for snacks and whatever else you need for the most epic weekend home alone (totaling $550). But remember: the prize money doesn't include someone to come over and help clean up any messes that may occur while the parents are away...

Contestants aged 21 and older have until June 16 to post to social media (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter will do) about why they need their parents out of the house for a long weekend this summer. Posts must include the #SendMyParentsAway and #Sweepstakes hashtags.

For more information about the contest, visit the Natural Light website for official terms and conditions.

Cailey Rizzo is a contributing writer for Travel + Leisure, currently based in Brooklyn. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, or at

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