The city is getting pummeled by Winter Storm Grayson

Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images

Bostonians know their way around a blizzard. But with Winter Storm Grayson pummeling the area with snow and causing some serious coastal flooding, the local branch of the National Weather Service offered some unique advice: Please don't float on icebergs.

It all started when Fox 25 News Assignment Editor Bill Sheerin tweeted a photo of reporter Kathryn Burcham seemingly floating on an iceberg while giving updates on the storm.

Burcham later clarified on Twitter that the ice chunk was actually on pavement, and only appeared to be floating — but not before the National Weather Service posted its own warning to would-be copycats.

In addition to the freeze on icebergs, the National Weather Service has put out coastal flood, wind chill, high wind, winter storm and blizzard warnings for the Boston area, which is expected to get well more than a foot of snow Thursday.

Boston isn’t the only area seeing significant snowfall thanks to Grayson’s “bomb cyclone” effect. New York City and Philadelphia both have winter storm warnings in effect, while most parts of the coastal Northeast, all the way down to Washington, D.C., have been slapped with blizzard warnings, according to the Weather Channel.

Some parts of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Massachusetts can expect a foot or more of accumulation, the Weather Channel reports — but that’s nothing compared to the 18 to 24 inches of snow expected to hit Northern Maine and parts of Canada on Thursday.