yosemite national park
Credit: Manuel Sulzer/Getty Images

Want to get closer to nature?

The National Park Service is currently hiring for positions across U.S. parks and national sites for the year. The openings range from seasonal jobs for the summer to permanent positions.

There are ranger openings at Glacier National Park (applications close May 24), Theodore Roosevelt National Park (applications close May 25), Death Valley National Park (applications close May 31), Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (applications close June 1), and more. Experience and education requirements vary depending on the primary duties and responsibilities of the job.

There are seasonal lifeguard openings at Gateway National Recreation Area (applications close May 25), and Thomas Edison National Historic Park (applications close May 23) and the Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site (applications close May 25) are looking for museum technicians.

The openings span a variety of areas, from tree workers who will devote their time to studying, preserving, and cutting trees at Yosemite National Park (applications close June 1) to education technicians, who will be responsible for creating student engagement programs and conducting school outreach for Yellowstone National Park (applications close May 25).

While several of the positions are closing in June, NPS spokesperson Kathy Kupper recommends regularly checking on job postings throughout the year.