These Are the 25 Best Places to Eat Pancakes in America

Celebrate National Pancake Day by visiting some of the best pancake spots in the country.

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National Pancake Day is one of those unofficial "food holidays" whose actual date is a little debated. Some establishments celebrate on Sept. 26, while IHOP celebrates annually with a one-day promotion in late February or early March.

Really, there are no rules when it comes to flapjacks — Pancake Day can happen any time you're craving a short stack topped with butter and maple syrup. If firing up the griddle or mixing a batch of batter from scratch isn't your cup of tea, luckily there are several excellent pancake houses across the U.S.

Based on Yelp data ranking restaurants with a large concentration of reviews mentioning “pancakes" (taking into account factors like the total volume and ratings of those reviews), here are the top 25 pancake spots in the U.S.

Fresh honey pancakes and butter

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25. QC Coffee and Pancake House, Rock Island, Illinois 

It’s all in the name at QC Coffee and Pancake House, where you can’t go wrong ordering the buttermilk pancakes and a round of coffee for the table.  

24. Campfire Grill, Depew, New York

The cinnamon roll hotcakes are one standout on a menu full of decadent plates (think, pancakes that come in flavors like chocolate and peanut butter cup, s’mores, and fresh berry) at this traditional American cafe

23. Downtown Cafe, Rochester, Michigan

Downtown Cafe specializes in something called "Michigan pancakes," which are stuffed with fruit and nuts.

22. Triangle Diner, Saratoga Springs, New York 

The intimate Triangle Diner is popular for its homestyle breakfast dishes like the huge buttermilk pancakes that come with real maple syrup. 

21. Moore Street Café, Richmond, Virginia 

People flock to this retro diner for classics like homemade sausage and gravy, omelets, and, of course, pancakes with a side of bacon.

20. Palmer's Village Cafe, Saint Simons Island, Georgia

For Southern staples — grits, crab cakes, and pancakes — hit up Palmer's Village Café. Diners rave about the eight-inch stacks topped with granola and nuts. 

19. Freshfit Cafe, Nags Head, North Carolina 

Tuck into a stack of the multigrain pancakes at this waterfront resto in the Outer Banks. The healthy dishes help it stand out from your average greasy spoon.

18. The Oak Table Cafe, Sequim, Washington

The pancakes are the main attraction at this Washington bistro. The batter is made fresh with sourdough yeast which makes the final product as light and fluffy as the whipped butter on top. Specialties like the German pancake, 49’er flapjacks, and apple pancake come highly recommended.  

17. Hawaiian Style Cafe, Kamuela, Hawaii

The giant, fluffy pancakes are a must-try at this popular Hawaii restaurant.

16. Patty's Off-Center Cafe, Salem, Oregon 

The lemon poppyseed pancakes are a popular order at Patty's Off-Center, a 38-seat cafe in Salem, Oregon. They’re technically a special and not on the daily menu, but don’t worry — if they’re not available, you can still order the equally delicious house-made vanilla pancakes or the 2 X 2 X 2 blueberry pancakes, eggs, and bacon combo. 

15. Shoop's European Deli and Cafe, Santa Monica, California 

This family-owned deli specializes in Scandinavian, Dutch, and German imports, and their pancakes have turned people who don’t really eat pancakes into pancake lovers. Of course, you’ll want to get Shoop’s Famous Bacon Pancakes, but we hear the Savory Salmon Pancake is really good too. 

14. Katrina's Cafe, Auburn, California

Katrina’s is a longtime local hot spot for breakfast and brunch. The lemon yogurt pancakes are highly recommended here.  

13. The Corner, Montclair, New Jersey

The fresh berry pancakes at this gourmet cafe come with poached apricots, vanilla syrup, and fresh cream. This medley of sweet flavors is probably why they’re a favorite menu item with diners.  

Stack of pancakes with maple syrup

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12. Cafe Kacao, Oklahoma City

This small brunch place has been described by reviewers as their favorite breakfast in OKC. The massive pancake plates come to share and with toppings like Oreo crumbles, blackberry bourbon sauce, and condensed milk. 

11. Red Oak Cafe, League City, Texas 

From breakfast tacos to a Kitchen Sink Quesadilla, the breakfast menu at this popular Texas eatery won’t disappoint. The sweet cream pancakes come with a variety of toppings (think apple cinnamon or bananas) and are highly recommended

10. Bearcat Cafe, New Orleans

Soak up that last hurricane with a serving of blueberry pancakes at this New Orleans resto. Just look for the blue neon cat in the window, or the line out the door (you will probably have to wait, but once you bite into that short stack, you definitely won’t mind).  

9. Max's Table, Osprey, Florida 

The generous helping of sweet pancakes are a favorite at Max’s Table. Get them in a classic stack with butter, fruit, and powdered sugar, or opt for special flavors like Nutella or lemon ricotta.

8. The Little Diner, Vail, Colorado 

Everything’s made from scratch at this full-service diner including its fluffy pancakes that Yelp reviewers rave over.  

7. Word Of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro, Salem, Oregon

Word of mouth has it that this restaurant specializes in something that will make you book a ticket to Salem today: cinnamon roll pancakes. The sinful stack comes glazed in cream cheese icing. 

6. Butters Pancakes and Café, Scottsdale, Arizona 

People love the friendly service and pancakes (covered in mascarpone, icing, fruit, and the like) at this Scottsdale cafe

5. Jealous Fork, Miami 

What started as an artisan pancake food truck, has become one of the most popular breakfast spots in Miami. Whether it’s the pork belly banh mi stack or pancakes covered in crushed Oreos, diners will delight in Jealous Fork’s picture-perfect delicacies.

4. Lil Black Bear Cafe, Pigeon Forge, Tennessee 

Quarters are tight at Lil Black Bear Cafe, but the food makes it worth the squeeze at this diner near Dollywood. Yelp reviewers heap praise on the thickness and affordability of the Hot Golden Pancakes. 

3. Baja Cafe on Campbell, Tucson, Arizona

At this Southwestern staple, the pancakes come covered in more than enough whipped cream. Buttermilk pancakes can be made Snickerdoodle style or topped with pineapple, and there’s an entire Benedict menu if you want a side of savory. 

2. Comfort Cafe, San Antonio, Texas 

Comfort Cafe is a pay-what-you-can non-profit where all proceeds go to their recovery program, SerenityStar. If that’s not enticing enough, the sweet cream pancakes come with toppings like blueberry compote, peanut butter bacon, and brown sugar pecan and have been described as “out of this world delicious.” 

1. Butler’s Pantry Breakfast, Stowe, Vermont 

This popular little spot is found beneath a charming, historic inn in the heart of Stowe. Aside from the delicious cheddar jalapeño and buttermilk pancakes, the biscuit French toast sticks with house-made maple sausage is a favorite breakfast option

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