These Are the 25 Best Places to Eat Pancakes in America

Celebrate National Pancake Day by visiting some of the best pancake spots in the country.

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National Pancake Day is one of those unofficial "food holidays" whose actual date is a little debated. Some establishments celebrate on Sept. 26 while IHOP is celebrating this year on March 1 with an offer of a free stack of pancakes for all its guests from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Really, there are no rules when it comes to flapjacks — Pancake Day can happen any time you're craving a short stack topped with butter and maple syrup.

If firing up the griddle or mixing a batch of batter from scratch isn't your cup of tea, there are luckily several excellent pancake houses across the U.S.

Based on Yelp data ranking restaurants based on ratings and reviews that mention the word "pancakes," here are the top 25 pancake spots in the U.S.

25. Meals From The Heart Café

New Orleans, Louisiana

This brunch spot in New Orleans serves up pancakes and other food items, offering gluten-free and vegan options as well.

24. Al's Breakfast

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Quarters are tight at Al's Breakfast, but the food makes it worth the squeeze at this Minnesota diner.

23. Urban Egg, A Daytime Eatery

Colorado Springs, Colorado

This Colorado Springs breakfast spot lets you pick any three of its gourmet pancakes to make pancake flights.

22. Maplewood Kitchen and Bar

Cincinnati, Ohio

The Cincinnati breakfast restaurant offers lemon ricotta and blueberry granola pancakes.

21. Blue's Egg

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Blue's Egg is the perfect place to indulge in a side of pancakes at brunch.

20. Egg Headz Café

Tinley Park, Illinois

The always-busy Egg Headz Café has several specialty pancakes and also offers pancakes as a side option for other breakfast dishes.

19. Wildberry Pancakes and Café

Chicago, Illinois

This Chicago-based establishment's specialty pancakes include blueberry Danish and caramel apple pecan flavors.

18. Hawaiian Style Café

Kamuela, Hawaii

Pancakes are on offer as a side for most of the meals at this popular Hawaii restaurant.

17. Morning Glory

Ashland, Oregon

Yelp reviewers report huge portions and good pancakes here.

16. Comfi

Old Bridge Township, New Jersey

Known for its Polish fare, Comfi in New Jersey has a variety of pancakes, including traditional buttermilk, flapjacks flavored with Oreo and s'mores, and — though not made of eggs and flour — potato pancakes.

15. Café Talya

Bayonne, New Jersey

This New Jersey spot has everything you could want for breakfast and lunch.

14. Downtown Café

Rochester, Michigan

Downtown Café specializes in something called "Michigan pancakes," which are stuffed with fruit and nuts, according to Yelp reviewers.

13. Penny Cluse Café

Burlington, Vermont

A place where pancakes for the table are a necessity.

12. 101 Diner

Encinitas, California

Enjoy the beaches of Southern California and then head straight to a plate of pancakes.

11. Baja Café

Tucson, Arizona

The pancakes here come covered in just enough whipped cream.

10. Doreen's Cup of Joe

Marco Island, Florida

The pancake list takes up nearly an entire menu column – you can try anything from key lime to cranberry pecan pancakes.

9. The Local

Prescott, Arizona

Yelpers call these pancakes "the best ever."

8. Con Huevos

Louisville, Kentucky

While eggs are unsurprisingly the star of this restaurant, pancakes shine, too.

7. Katrina's Café

Auburn, California

Highly recommended here are the lemon pancakes that come with raspberry jam.

6. Crockett's 1875 Breakfast Camp

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

American explorers needed their pancakes — and so do you.

5. Monell's Dining & Catering

Nashville, Tennessee

A place for people to live out their Southern-food dreams.

4. Palmer's Village Café

Saint Simons Island, Georgia

For even more Southern food, hit up Palmer's Village Café — grits, crab cakes, and, of course, pancakes.

3. Central Grill and Coffee House

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Apart from excellent traditional New Mexican food, the blueberry pancakes here are top-notch, according to Yelp.

2. Word of Mouth Neighborhood Bistro

Salem, Oregon

Word of mouth has it that this restaurant specializes in something that will make you book a ticket to Salem right away: cinnamon roll pancakes.

1. 808 Grindz Café

Lahaina, Hawaii

This place is famous for its macadamia nut pancakes that come with a special sauce. Guess you'll have to book a ticket to Hawaii, too.

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