It's the same carpet Dolly Parton's walked on. 

By Tanner Saunders
December 30, 2018
JIM WATSON/Getty Images

Stepping off an airplane and into Nashville International Airport may be one of the most unique airport experiences on the planet. Once you’re in the terminal you’re surrounded by live music, greeted by famous country stars welcoming you to Music City over the PA system, and standing on the most beloved carpet in the South.

Yes, people love the carpet. In fact, they’re obsessed with it.

Since the age of Instagram, it’s not been uncommon to see people snapping photos of the carpet, showing off their new cowboy boots at departure or sending a “made it home” Snapchat on arrival. And now, the Instagram account @bnacarpet is helping people share their love for the swirly, earth-toned carpet.

“It is just the weirdest design from the early 2000s but anyone who has lived in Nashville would recognize it immediately,” Nashville native Sarah Currey told Travel + Leisure. Currey, who returned to Nashville this week, had her photo regrammed by the @bnacarpet account.

“I noticed that everyone I know took photos of the carpet anyway while traveling, so why not give them something to tag?” the creator of the account, who wishes to remain anonymous, told T+L. “Airports have a great way to bring people of every background together, and the carpet at BNA has an unmistakable pattern and color scheme unlike any other airport in the country.”

So far the account has had a steady stream of posts of from people all over of the world passing through the airport.

“I’ve had country music stars, playboy bunnies, famous Christian celebs — all sorts of people. The Titans Cheerleaders filmed a routine,” said the creator, adding that the experiment has been “a fun insight into all the people coming in and out of the airport."

Nashville International Airport is currently in the middle of a $1.2 billion expansion that includes a new parking and transportation center, international arrivals center, and revival and expansion of terminal D. British Airways recently launched a non-stop route between Nashville and London, making the airport further connected with the outside world.

No word yet on whether or not the airport’s facelift includes plans to keep the carpet. Until then, people are keeping their fingers crossed.

“I really hope the carpet stays,” said Nashville native Clay McCullough. “It just feels like home.”