Eau de Space — Which Smells Like Actual Outer Space — Could Be Your New Signature Scent

The four-ounce bottles are starting at $29.

Kennedy Space Center, NASA, Titusville, Florida
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Pretty soon, you could smell like outer space.

A fragrance developed Steve Pearce — a chemist and founder of Omega Ingredients, a company that creates scents and flavors for the food and beverage industry — that was originally used to help NASA astronauts prepare for space missions and adapt to the smells of orbit, is now bottled and in the works to be sold to space fanatics everywhere on Kickstarter.

Pearce told CNN that remaking the scent on Earth started in 2008 when he was originally contracted by NASA to recreate the smell of the inside of the Mir Space Station.

Fast forward to 2020 and the smell of space can be your next fragrance. However, the perfume, aptly named "Eau de Space," is unlikely to make it on the cosmetic store shelves next to Chanel No. 5 as the company's product manager, Matt Richmond, described the smell to CNN as a combination of "seared steak, raspberries, and rum.

Not a terribly far departure from astronaut Peggy Whitson's recollection in a 2002 CNN interview, where she described the smell of orbit as "hot metal and fried steak."

For astronomy enthusiasts who can’t afford the price tag of a $250,000 Virgin Galactic trip to space, this could be the next best thing.

The four-ounce bottles are starting at $29 and are now available for preorder and are expected to be delivered in October 2020. Each purchase will also include a donation of a bottle to a K-12 school so students can learn about the smell of space.

The company — that's already raised more than $200,000 in contributions — does not have any plans to produce more bottles once the one-off production from the fundraising campaign is complete. However, based on the buzz around Eau de Space, Richardson told the network that Eau de Moon may be on its way.

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