Nap York wants to help you slow down and catch some Zs.

Nap York
Credit: Courtesy of Nap York

Just a five-minute walk from Penn Station, in one of the busiest neighborhoods in New York City, there is now a tranquil space dedicated to helping people relax, refresh, and take naps.

Appropriately named Nap York, this wellness club is encouraging overworked New Yorkers (and anyone visiting the sleepless city) to drop in and take a break.

Despite its location on the corner of a busy intersection in Midtown, Manhattan, guests will find that Nap York is blissfully noise-free, thanks to a fully soundproof design. Even inside, visitors are encouraged to speak quietly.

“Our mission at Nap York is to provide an oasis for... cultivating wellness in body and mind,” the lounge’s director of marketing, Stacy Veloric, told Travel + Leisure.

The result? A chic, dark space covered in live plants (to purify the air) and a dizzying number of places to comfortably fall asleep.

Nap York
Credit: Courtesy of Nap York

What It Is

Nap York is a four-story space designed to improve your mental and physical well being from every angle.

The first floor, for example, is a quiet café where guests order nutritious meals, juices, and smoothies from a tablet — and have them delivered wordlessly by way of conveyer belt. There's a living, green wall of plants and a seating area with charging outlets available to anyone in need of a break.

Upstairs, on floor two, are seven sleep pods stocked with amenities to lull you into the most restful nap you’ve ever had in New York City. The private rooms have ceilings with twinkling stars, soundproof curtains, live plants, essential oil diffusers, reading lights, noise-canceling headphones, and more. Guests can even upgrade for additional linens.

For a more casual napping experience, head up to the third floor, which is filled with cozy moon chairs, plants, and a fireplace. For those who prefer more awake forms of relaxation, Nap York will host regular yoga and guided meditation classes.

It’s even possible to take a nap on the fourth floor, which is a designated workplace with a mix of seated and standing desks. While quiet co-working is welcome, it’s ideal for people who need a seriously distraction-free place to get things done: Soundproof curtains can close off every individual desk for added privacy. And if you decide this is your preferred space to doze, the chairs can be adjusted to lie completely flat.

Nap York will even have a rooftop space with a garden and hammocks (for lounging or, you guessed it, napping) come spring.

Nap York
Credit: Courtesy of Nap York

Nap York for Travelers

Nap York may be a thoughtful space for locals in desperate need of a quiet retreat, but it’s also an awesome solution for travelers visiting New York City.

The wellness club offers shuttle service to and from nearby airports in a private or shared Tesla (stocked with neck pillows, of course), making it a great option for travelers who need a place to hang out while waiting for their hotel room to become available.

There are also shoeshine and bag storage services, ideal for business travelers who want to freshen up and drop their suitcases before heading to meetings.

Nap York
Credit: Courtesy of Nap York

Safety and Hygiene

During a recent tour, Veloric stressed the club’s exhaustive efforts to make Nap York a safe, secure, and super-clean haven, which should quell most concerns about shared sleep spaces.

“Safety is one of our top priorities,” Veloric said. “That is why we have 24/7 licensed security guards and multiple security cameras on each floor — to make sure our guests enjoy a worry-free and relaxing experience.”

In terms of cleanliness, sleep pods are specially designed with Airweave mattresses and vegan leather, making them especially easy to sanitize. And there’s always housekeeping staff in attendance to sanitize and disinfect each space between sessions. (If you’re wondering, every mattress also has a bed bug cover.)

The Details

Nap York is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week — so head here after your red eye flight lands (or drop in after work to power nap before a late night out). It's exclusively for guests 18 years of age or older, and sleep pods are strictly single occupancy.

Prices vary depending on services, but start at $8 for 30 minutes in a moon chair. A 30-minute nap in a sleep pod will cost $10. You can also splurge for a three-hour booking, which comes with a hot towel, charcoal-filtered water, fresh linens, and a toothbrush.

Tesla shuttle services start at $50 (pooled) and can be arranged between John F. Kennedy Airport, Newark Liberty Airport, and LaGuardia airport.

While Nap York is still in its very early days, the brand is already hoping to expand. Future Nap York locations could pop up across the city and, one day, even in airports.