The Grand Canal, Venice with a view of Santa Maria della Salute
Credit: Cultura RM Exclusive/Kevin C Moo/Getty Images

Two tourists in Venice were arrested and fined for skinny-dipping in the canals.

Police boats rushed to the waters near the Piazza San Marco on Monday evening and found two naked tourists swimming. The two men were in Venice to support the Slavia Prague soccer team. They had decided to go for a swim because it was "a particularly warm evening,” police told CNN.

In a statement to CNN, the police said that they found themselves on something that felt like “a movie set” when they saw "two men, completely nude, intent on laughing and joking with each other, and trying to catch the attention of passers by."

Police said they were led to the men by following the cries of the onlookers.

The two men were told to get out of the water and get dressed. They were taken to a local police station where they were fined about $3,320 (€3,000) for “obscene acts” against public decency.

This is not the only recent incident of tourists behaving badly in Venice. Earlier this week, video footage emerged of a tourist headbutting a gondolier. According to local media, the two had an altercation after the tourist sat in one of the boats taking selfies. Police say no reports have been filed in relation to the incident.

In addition to tourists’ bad behavior, Venice is just trying to cope with their overabundance. Earlier this year, the city approved a €3 entrance fee for all daytrippers as it repositions itself as an open-air museum. It’s estimated that about 25 million people visit the Italian city every year.