Mykonos Adds a Curfew and New Rules As COVID-19 Cases Rise in Greece

Party vacations on the Greek island of Mykonos will have to wait.

Mykonos has turned off its music, dampening spirits on the popular Greek island best known for its party culture.

"There is no music, so there is no celebration," a Spanish tourist, Jesus Marino, told Reuters.

Mykonos is under a weeklong curfew after what officials described as a "worrying" outbreak. Music is banned in restaurants, cafes, and clubs, and anyone not going to and from work or the hospital is required to stay home between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m. local time, Reuters reported.

Patrons at indoor establishments must also be seated, making it impossible for standing-room-only crowds to pack into bars and clubs to dance the night away.

Greece opened its borders to tourists in May, but rising infection rates have driven the country to tighten COVID-19 restrictions. Mykonos turned the music back on just a few weeks ago, bringing back outdoor umbrellas and a feeling that a more normal summer could be in the cards after more than a year of pandemic restrictions.

Pedestrians walk along an empty street in the evening ahead of the return of tourists in Mykonos, Greece, on Sunday, May 9, 2021.
Loulou D'Aki/Bloomberg via Getty Images

At the time, one local resident told the Financial Times, "It feels almost like COVID is disappearing and so everyone is much more relaxed."

But restrictions are tightening across the continent as concerns over the rapidly spreading Delta variant are pushing governments around Europe to rethink their reopening plans. Greece is now requiring healthcare workers and nursing home staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Reuters. It is also mandating that anyone eating indoors at a restaurant or visiting a club provide proof of vaccination.

And the government doesn't plan to take violations lightly. Any venue breaking the rules could face a hefty fine or even temporary closure.

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