Air travel is an inherently stressful experience. After all, who really likes the process of stuffing their bags, standing in line for check-in, and going through the security process? (Note to everyone: wear airport-friendly shoes please.) But, according to new research by InsureMyTrip, there is one airport that will stress you out more than any other: New York's LaGuardia airport.

To come to its conclusion, InsureMyTrip assessed flight cancellations and delays at 75 airports across the country. It found that LaGuardia had the highest percentage of canceled flights in 2018 at 4.9 percent.

The other airports listed as the top 10 most stressful include Norfolk International, Virginia; Charleston AFB/International, South Carolina; Greater Rochester International, New York; Philadelphia International, Pennsylvania; Newark Liberty International, New Jersey; Theodore Francis Green State, Rhode Island; Ronald Reagan Washington National, Washington, DC; Buffalo Niagara International, New York; and John F. Kennedy International, New York.

In response to the research, a spokesperson from LaGuardia shared with The Daily Mail that the airport is both aware of its issues and is attempting to fix them with a massive redevelopment project.

“The $8 billion redevelopment of a whole new LaGuardia Airport will offer a 21st century, world-class experience for customers and yield the first new airport built in the U.S. in 25 years,” the spokesperson stated. “'The first new gates of this ambitious effort – which keeps the current airport fully operational – opened earlier this month, providing passengers with a relaxed atmosphere featuring floor-to-ceiling windows, ample seating and charging stations, attractive dining and retail options, family-friendly amenities and an overall far more welcoming, customer-friendly environment.”

Beyond the physical space, the spokesperson added that airline operators are collaborating with local groups to provide “offerings such as live music, pet-therapy and cultural exhibits.”

On the flip side, if you’re looking for a care-free airport experience you may want to try flying though Salt Lake City International in Utah, which ranked as the least stressful. But, if you simply have to fly through one of these stressful airports you could always try this trick to relax in an airport in 60 seconds or less.