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Credit: Getty Images/All Canada Photos

Unsurprisingly, if you want an on-time flight, you should probably go to Japan.

According to a new report from the Official Airline Guide (OAG), this year’s best mega airlines for on-time international travel are Japan Airlines, with an on-time performance of 85.27 percent, and All Nippon Airways, with an on-time performance of 83.81 percent.

Japan also has the world’s most punctual mega airport. Flights that leave out of Tokyo Haneda airport leave on time 86.75 percent of the time. The country also took top honors for most punctual “large” airport, with Osaka's on-time performance at 88.45 percent.

Around the entire world, U.S. airlines performed relatively well. Of the top 20 most punctual mega airlines in the world, six were from the United States. Delta Air Lines ranked the highest of American airlines, with an on-time performance of 82.76 percent.

However, once all airlines are taken into consideration (no matter their size), only Delta remains in the top 20, as the 16th most punctual airline in the world. airBaltic, the Latvian airline, takes top honors with an on-time performance of 90.01 percent. Hawaiian Airlines climbed into third place, with 87.24 percent of flights leaving on time.

In terms of airports, runners up for largest and most punctual were Madrid (on-time performance of 83.63 percent) and Atlanta (with flights on time 82.38 percent of the time). Minneapolis-St. Paul is the world’s most punctual major airport, with 85.72 percent of flights arriving and leaving on time.