By Stacey Leasca
July 26, 2019
Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

If you have dinner plans with a New Yorker, make sure to add in a 20-minute buffer — because odds are they're going to be late.

OpenTable looked into its reservation data to find which cities' residents are the most and least likely to be late to a dinner reservation. It found that diners in New York City are the most likely to be late to a reservation by 20 minutes or more.

Also likely to be late? Diners living in Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C.

Not everyone has a terrible habit of being late. According to OpenTable, Dallas is home to the most punctual diners. Others you can rely on to be punctual include people living in Phoenix, Seattle, Denver, and Minneapolis-St. Paul.

“Being on time for your reservation isn’t just about showing consideration to a restaurant’s staff,” OpenTable’s chief dining officer Caroline Potter said in a statement. “It’s also about being considerate of your fellow diners so that their dining experiences begin and end on time.”

As for how to avoid always being late, OpenTable suggested diners “look before you book,” meaning it’s best to look up where your restaurant reservation is so you can plan your transportation accordingly. It also suggested arriving early is the “new on-time” and to make sure to save your reservation in your calendar app so you remember to be punctual. It also added the sage advice to “manage THAT friend” who is always late. (Note to that friend: Stop it.)

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