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Flight shopping platform Routehappy has published its annual airline Wi-Fi ratings, and results show that more passengers around the world are now likely to find at least some Wi-Fi on board.

In all, 82 airlines around the world are rolling out or already offer Wi-Fi. While there’s a better likelihood that you’ll find a quality connection on your flight with U.S. airlines, international airlines are catching up.

Routehappy measured Wi-Fi availability by airline capacity, known as Available Seat Miles (ASMs), which is calculated by multiplying the number of seats available on an airline’s fleet and the service miles flown.

Globally, around 43 percent of ASMs offer Wi-Fi connections; meaning there is now a fair chance that you’ll find Wi-Fi on your flight.

The top three airlines in the world by total ASMs are: Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and Emirates.

Three airlines offer Wi-Fi on all of their flights: Icelandair, Southwest, and Virgin Atlantic.

You’ll find also Wi-Fi onboard all long-haul flights when flying with Air Europa, Delta, Emirates, Etihad, Eurowings, EVA Air, Iberia, Kuwait, Lufthansa, SAS, Scoot, United, and Virgin Atlantic.

This Routehappy chart shows the likelihood (by percentage of ASMs) that you’ll find Wi-Fi on a flight with your favorite airline.

Wifi Airline Airplane Ranking
Credit: Courtesy of Routehappy

The quality of W-Fi connections is also improving with fewer slow connections in the skies. The majority of connections rated fast enough to let you browse the web and stay connected to friends on social media.

Routehappy rates the quality of connections as “Basic” (adequate for basic web browsing and email, but not fast enough to stream media); "Better" (good enough for full web browsing and some media streaming); and "Best" (Fast Wi-Fi that's strong enough for video, matching many home connections).

Connections rated “Better” are now the most common (about 57 percent of service available); 16 percent are rated “Best,” and 27 percent are rated “Basic”.