On Monday, the world got its first look at the official royal wedding portraits. And though Meghan Markle and Prince Harry looked radiant as they sat on the couch in Windsor castle, first flanked by their family members, then by their page boys and bridesmaids, fans couldn’t help but focus on one teeny, tiny detail.

In one particular photo taken by photographer Alexi Lubomirski, which features the senior royal family and the page boys and flower girls, royal fans noticed that four-year-old Ivy Mulroney and three-year-old Florence van Cutsem are sharing a bouquet.

In a second shot, which simply features the couple surrounded by their tiny wedding party, Florence — who is Harry’s goddaughter — can be seen without a bouquet at all. Moreover, her friend Ivy appears to be missing her flower crown as well.

“[F]lower girls short one head garland and one bouquet in pictures and entering church, what happened???” One Twitter user noted. Another added, “It shouldn't bother me but because I know it's meant to be there it really irritates me that one of the flower girls is missing their bouquet in the royal wedding pics.”

But, as the Daily Mail explained, there’s a very simple reason why Florence was sharing her bouquet with Ivy: Ivy didn't have a bouquet during the wedding ceremony, nor did she during the photo session, because she was responsible for taking Meghan's flowers once she reached the altar.

Bridesmaids and Page Boys during the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle
Credit: Owen Humphreys - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Additionally, Ivy didn’t wear a flower crown like the other bridesmaids because she simply had a different hairstyle for the day. She chose to wear flowers in the back of her hair instead of in a garland style.

As Kensington Palace noted in a statement, Meghan's wedding bouquet included flowers that were handpicked by her husband, Prince Harry, from their private garden at Kensington Palace. The bouquet itself was designed by florist Philippa Craddock.

The bouquet included Forget-Me-Nots, Princess Diana's favorite flower. "The couple specifically chose them to be included in Ms. Markle’s bouquet to honour the memory of the late Princess on this special day,” the Palace stated.