Harry Harvey went missing on Sunday, Sept. 6, during a hailstorm in England’s Yorkshire Dales.

By Jessica Poitevien
September 14, 2020

The family of an 80-year-old Englishman who went missing during a hike is now celebrating his safe return after he showed up at the news conference they staged to help find him.

According to CNN, Harry Harvey was reported missing on Sunday, Sept. 6, after he had separated from his hiking partner during a hailstorm in the Yorkshire Dales, in the northeast of England.

Credit: Getty Images

Police, the Royal Air Force (RAF), and mountain rescue workers spent four days looking for Harvey, who’s an experienced hiker. Ahead of the press conference scheduled to appeal for the public’s help in finding him, a wildlife photographer spotted Harvey and contacted rescuers.

He would later show up at the Tan Hill Inn, located within the national park, to reunite with his son and daughter-in-law. Other than the large bandage covering Harvey’s forehead, he seemed in good condition and high spirits as he addressed the crowd of reporters.

Recounting what had happened in the last few days, Harvey described getting "caught in a really heavy hailstorm" with "howling gales and winds," CNN reports.

"By the time I got my kit on, it was really dark," he said at the press conference, broadcast by the Tan Hill Inn on Facebook Live. That’s when he opted for his backup plan and looked for safe places to pitch his tent to camp for the night.

In regards to his injury, Harvey explained, "I came off a bridge and that was it... lost my glasses and my compass." Luckily, the bright orange frame of his glasses made them easy to find again.

Despite what his daughter-in-law described as a nightmarish few days, Harvey saw the experience as somewhat of an adventure.

"I had three really good wild camping nights where I was on my own and had all the kit I needed,” he said. “The only thing I was getting a bit short of...I've got a hell of an appetite...and when I get hungry I've got to get something to eat or I can't go on.”

Meanwhile, Harvey's son said his father is "grounded” and can only wear his new hiking boots to explore less treacherous terrain.