By Andrea Romano
March 18, 2019

Losing something — or someone — at Disney World can be a real nightmare.

If you’ve ever misplaced your keys, your wallet, or, more importantly, one of your own companions at a Disney park, you know that finding them again can be like searching for a needle in the world’s biggest haystack.

But sometimes, there might be some good Samaritans around to help you out.

One woman, Brittany Blake, was lucky enough to get a little help from some online “friends” when she was separated from her boyfriend in Epcot at Disney World.

Credit: Douglas Sacha/Getty Images

According to ABC Action News, Blake and her boyfriend, Regory Turco, were spending the day at Epcot with other “spring breakers” when she suddenly noticed that Turco was no longer at her side.

Blake apparently searched for Turco for hours, but to no avail. Turco’s phone was also allegedly not working when Blake tried to get ahold of him.

It was then that Blake decided to turn to Facebook to try and locate her missing companion. According to ABC Action News, she wrote on the Annual Passholders - Walt Disney World Resort group, saying, “Weird post but lost my boyfriend in Epcot today and haven’t been able to find him for hours because his phone is dead. If anyone sees him can they tell him to meet us at the Mexican pavilion?”

She also added, jokingly, that he was “probably off drinking.” She attached a photo of Turco in a very bright and colorful Hawaiian shirt in hopes of finding him quickly.

Many commenters likened Turco’s shirt to Stitch’s outfit from “Lilo & Stitch,” or made jokes about Blake losing a fully grown adult man at a theme park. Some offered genuine help.

It was only minutes before the park closed that there was a solid lead on Turco’s whereabouts. Blake finally posted an update on her original post, attaching a photo of Turco in his now-famous Hawaiian shirt, standing in a line for a “Frozen” ride.

According to ABC Action News, she wrote in another update, “He was drinking all day while looking for me.” Hopefully, Blake also got to ride some rides while on her search. As one commenter pointed out, if you do lose someone, you’re basically a single rider now. So, going on every ride in the park is way easier.

Of course, Disney has some protocols if you and your child get separated, but two lost, fully grown adults are on their own.