The last place you’d expect to find holiday cheer is in an abandoned building, let alone an abandoned mall. But at the Northridge Mall, in Milwaukee, it was the perfect place to spread joy for the kids at the local Boys and Girls Club.

YouTube personality Casey Neistat collaborated with the Boys and Girls Club to turn the abandoned mall into a winter wonderland for the kids who participate in the program.

Neistat revealed the winter wonderland in a holiday video sponsored by Samsung.

“We wanted to be able to give a special experience to a group of kids...who may not have otherwise had a special holiday experience,” Neistat told OnMilwaukee.

The mall has been abandoned since 2003, but was still in great shape to build the fantastic winter scene, complete with “snow,” plenty of Christmas trees, a huge slide, ice skating rink, a holiday train and plenty of treats for the kids to enjoy.

Neistat also recruited some other YouTube stars to join in on the fun, including Akilah Hughes, Dotan Negrin, Jesse Korgemma and plenty more that are credited in the video’s description.

Before the kids got their special holiday experience, Neistat and his fellow YouTubers stopped at the Boys and Girls Club to deliver incredible Samsung gifts including phones, laptops, microphones and other fun items.

“Long after we're gone and long after this is cleaned up, this group of young people will have the tools that they need to share their stories and share their experiences,” Neistat said.