Mickey ears? Check. Mickey waffles? Check. Mickey popcorn bucket? Better hurry up.

The latest craze at Disneyland isn’t a flavored churro or seasonal treat, but a playful accessory intended to hold the timeless salty snack. Shaped like the iconic Mickey Mouse balloons sold down Main Street, U.S.A., these bright souvenirs have been selling out regularly since arriving at the Anaheim park last week, according to Disney Food Blog.

Unlike the Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket and Pluto-shaped bucket which also flew off shelves during the holiday season, this isn’t the first time these eye-catching popcorn buckets have appeared at Disneyland. Similar iterations in red, purple, and blue were sold during the park’s 60th anniversary celebrations just a couple years ago. The current version, which has spread across Instagram, also comes with a stylish and colorful lanyard that has caused many repeat buyers of the snack-ready souvenir.

If you’re headed for Spring Break on the East Coast and want one of your own, never fear – Disney Food Blog was also first to report that the red version arrived at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World last week.

No matter the color, these balloon-inspired buckets prove that the recent trend of park-going items selling out rapidly has no sign of slowing down. Spirit jerseys continue to populate shops, the rose gold trend has extended to everything including cupcakes and margaritas, and new versions of old favorites have been catching on as well, providing plenty more reasons to opt for something besides a t-shirt or mug on one’s next visit.