Rolling Stones On Stage In New York
Credit: Michael Putland/Getty Images

High school teacher Matt Morris in Waterloo, Canada, always gets excited for the colder months of the year. Because once the snow starts to fall in sheets, Morris’ creativity starts to bloom in the form of incredible snow sculptures.

His latest work, a well-crafted, 6-foot-tall, spinning snow-head of Mick Jagger has been circulating around the internet. Frankly, it would give any winter-lover some satisfaction.

After the latest snowfall, Morris decided to carve Snow Mick after asking his Twitter followers who to carve in a poll. The choices were down to Jagger or another big-mouthed rocker, Steven Tyler.

Morris posted his carving progress on Twitter, sharing his process of first making his sculpture out of clay, then taking a simple cylinder of snow and turning it into a rock icon.

Since the other side of the rotating sculpture was blank, Morris carved another head on the other side. This unnamed sculpture is marked with its long, wild hair. Once he was done, he adorned his new creation with lights as a finishing touch.

According to The Record, Morris was inspired to start carving these snowmen after seeing the stone sculptures of Easter Island. “My wife and I were in a museum and we saw an Easter Island stone statue and I said, 'Man, we could do that on the bank,' and so we came back (home) and rolled three enormous snowballs,” he said.

Morris has created a number of other famous heads, including Albert Einstein, Frankenstein and Spock from Star Trek.

Fans can follow his snow creations on Instagram and Twitter.