Catherine Zeta Jones Michael Douglas Family Holiday Travel Taj Mahal India

Catherine Zeta-Jones and husband Michael Douglas are taking holiday travel to the next level this year by visiting one of the the Seven Wonders of the World.

As Zeta-Jones revealed on her Instagram, she’s traveling in India alongside her husband and children, Dylan, 17, and Carys, 14, this holiday season and making a pit stop at the Taj Mahal.

“At the Taj Mahal with the three other ‘Wonders of the World’ in my life,” she wrote in a post.

She also shared a quick video of her and her hubby as they made their way to the entrance of the Taj Mahal, writing in the caption, “The Taj Mahal, today in India. Breathtaking to view and experience. It’s just the ultimate love story.”

She is of course referring to the fact that the building was constructed by order of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan between the years 1631 and 1648. He had it built in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal, who died giving birth to their 14th child. And truly, the building is a work of love and art. As UNESCO described the World Heritage site:

“The Taj Mahal is considered to be the greatest architectural achievement in the whole range of Indo-Islamic architecture. Its recognised architectonic beauty has a rhythmic combination of solids and voids, concave and convex and light shadow; such as arches and domes further increases the aesthetic aspect. The colour combination of lush greenscape reddish pathway and blue sky over it showcases the monument in ever changing tints and moods. The relief work in marble and inlay with precious and semi precious stones make it a monument apart.”

But the family’s Indian adventure didn’t stop there. On Sunday, Zeta-Jones shared another snap from New Delhi, where it appeared she was visiting an equally grand building.

“New Delhi, India, today. When you dream of visiting a country all your life, and it lives up to everything you hoped it would be,” she wrote in the caption.

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