Remarkable Video Shows an Unusually Large Meteor Lighting Up the Sky in Norway

The meteor was only visible for about five seconds.

A meteor flying through Norway
Photo: Courtesy of Norwegian Meteor Network

In a burst of light that only lasted a few seconds, an unusually large meteor made an appearance over large swaths of southern Scandinavia on Sunday, July 25. Experts say the meteor illuminated the sky over Norway, while other witnesses reported hearing a loud roaring sound just moments after the flash.

According to the Associated Press, the Norwegian Meteor Network analyzed several videos of the incident and determined that the meteor first became visible about 55 miles north of the capital, Oslo. The meteor continued its trajectory, heading southwest before eventually breaking up into several flashes of light.

"The meteor appeared at 1:08 a.m. on the night of July 25 and was visible for approximately five seconds," the network said, according to the AP. A Twitter thread was also posted to the network's account with videos showing the meteor's grand entrance.

It's not uncommon to see meteors and other space rocks light up the night sky above Norway, so the Norwegian Meteor Network has cameras constantly monitoring the area. After the latest meteor sighting, data suggests that it may have landed in a forested area not too far from Oslo, therefore changing the classification from meteor to meteorite.

If you don't live in Norway and missed all the action of this meteor's appearance, there's still time to catch the annual Perseid meteor shower, which NASA describes as ​​"the best meteor shower of the year."

The Perseid meteor shower already began on July 14 and will last through Aug. 24, with the peak viewing times happening in mid-August. Check this guide for everything you need to know about catching a glimpse of this astronomical wonder.

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