How Will Meghan Markle Celebrate Her First Thanksgiving As a Royal

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle
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So, exactly how does one celebrate Thanksgiving when they’re also part of the British royal family?

Meghan Markle, as we all know, is an American who found happiness with Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. And now the Duchess of Sussex is about to celebrate her first Thanksgiving outside her country of birth. But the big question is, can she even celebrate an American Thanksgiving?

According to People, there’s no hard written rule that Markle can’t celebrate the day, which is great because it is allegedly one of her favorite days of the year. People also reported that she and Prince Harry have no engagements planned for Thursday, so it’s very likely that they will be honoring Markle’s American traditions, hopefully with stuffing and gravy.

But Thanksgiving isn’t just about turkey, and a royal like Markle wouldn’t let the holiday go by without doing some good as well. According to Glamour, on Wednesday the Duchess visited the Hubb Community Kitchen, which was started after the Grenfell Tower fire, to help out the women who run the center.

Hubb Community Kitchen also played an integral part in Markle’s charity cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook. Funds raised by the cookbook sales have gone to renovate and keep the kitchen running, so it can serve the community as best as it can. According to the Kensington Palace Twitter feed, Markle has been making regular visits to the kitchen since January.

Aside from Duchess Meghan’s good charity work to celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving, it’s rather well know that she loves a well-cooked bird. She cooked an “engagement” roast chicken when her engagement to Prince Harry was announced, and she often posts around this time of year to show off her fabulous turkey roasting skills, according to People.

Now that Markle is a royal, Instagrams of turkeys past can no longer be shared, sadly. She deactivated her account shortly after her engagement was announced.

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