Meghan Markle is pretty bad about keeping royal secrets.

On Monday, while making an appearance in Birkenhead, England, Meghan let it slip to well-wishers that she is now six months pregnant and that she and Harry are expecting their first child in late April.

According to the Daily Mail, Meghan shared more details of her pregnancy, including the fact that she and Harry do not know the sex of the child. That, she said, would be a “surprise.”

“She said she is six months pregnant and due at the end of April, beginning of May,” a local well-wisher named Kim Thompson shared with Daily Mail. “Another woman in the crowd joked that she was a trained midwife. Meghan said that one of her friends had [given birth] five weeks early and [the midwife] said the baby comes when they are ready. I said, as long as they are healthy, and Meghan agreed. Then she said, pointing to Harry, 'He's going to make a fantastic father.’''

Following the interactions outside, the royal pair stepped indoors to meet with local school children, including a young pair named Harry and Megan. Of the duo, Meghan remarked, “Oh my gosh, really? Megan and Harry? That's really sweet, that's so nice.”

Now that we know the approximate due date, all that’s left to ponder is the baby’s name.

In October, the private bookmakers Fitzdare shared that the current favored name for a boy is Alexander with 2/1 odds, while Alice is the favorite for a girl at 5/2. But, those aren’t the only names in play for a winning bet. As Fitzdare added, the names Edward and Elizabeth are both coming in with 16/1 odds, James at 18/1, and Victoria at 20/1. If you’re looking to place your bets now is the time to do it since, according to Meghan, we’ve only got a few months left to speculate.