Meghan Markle
Credit: BEN STANSALL/Getty Images

Soon-to-be British citizen Meghan Markle was spotted back on American soil this week, giving her motherland one last visit before her royal wedding.

According to reports, Markle touched down in Chicago earlier this week and was spotted at O’Hare rocking black leggings, a black sweater, and a White Sox cap as she made her way through the airport. Oh, and of course the future royal was traveling with four large bodyguards, so the nondescript outfit wasn’t really making her invisible.

As The Cut explained, this wasn’t really a social visit. Instead, Markle was visiting the United States to take care of a few details before her wedding, most notably to complete her visa application. At the VFS Global U.K. Visa Application Center, TMZ reported, Markle likely shelled out $1,500 for “premium processing” of her application, which will allow her to get her visa within a few days.

The entire process of filling out the form likely took the future royal about 10 minutes to complete. So hopefully she was able to make the most of her time in the United States by going out and seeing a few of the Chicago sights while she was there.

Moreover, TMZ reported, Markle likely submitted for a family visa, which people can apply for as a partner or spouse of a British citizen.

Though this doesn’t mean Markle will become a citizen just yet.

Next, she has to walk down the aisle with Prince Harry on May 19. Then, Markle can apply for permanent citizenship after six months. However, that process could take up to three years to complete. Then, Markle will decide if she wants to become a dual citizen or renounce her U.S. citizenship. But, for now, Markle will have to keep her U.S. passport handy, especially for the pair’s upcoming honeymoon. Royalty or not, she won't get through the airport without it.