It’s official: There’s a new royal baby on the way.

On Monday morning, just after landing in Australia to celebrate the Invictus Games, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced they are expecting their first child sometime in the spring.

While there’s still a long way to go until the newest Windsor baby enters the world, people are already obsessing over every element of the pregnancy. And bookies in the United Kingdom are already taking bets on the name.

According to the Evening Standard, which spoke to the private bookmakers Fitzdare, Alexander is the favored male name with 2/1 odds, and Alice is the favorite for a girl at 5/2. But, those aren’t the only names in play.

“Meghan’s loose coat at Princess Eugenie’s wedding on Friday led to speculation that an announcement was imminent and now that we have it, the Royal Baby name game starts,” Katie Baylis of Betfair said. “At this stage Diana, Arthur and Alice, which was favorite at different stages for Kate and William’s babies, are the 12/1 front-runners. However, with months until the baby is born, those odds will shorten, change and other names will come to the forefront.”

There are still other names in the running, according to Betfair. Edward and Elizabeth are both coming in with 16/1 odds, James at 18/1, and Victoria at 20/1.

At the bottom of the betting list? Barry — which would be a nice nod to Prince Harry’s friend Barack Obama — which has 150/1 odds, and Joffrey — which would prove their extreme Game of Thrones fandom — at 200/1.

The one thing this baby won’t have in his or her name is a Prince or Princess title. Unless, of course, the Queen steps in.

Metro reported the child would automatically become a Lord or a Lady at birth, and would be given the last name Mountbatten-Windsor. If it’s a son, he would also become the Earl of Dumbarton, which is one of Harry’s lesser peerage titles.

However, Queen Elizabeth could also step in upon the child’s birth and gift the title of Prince or Princess for their birthday. Even without a title, this child will certainly be living a charmed life.