Don't get bamboozled on your next McDonald's ice cream run.

By Andrea Romano
October 26, 2020
Unidentified customer receiving an ice cream at the McDonald's drive through window.
Credit: Getty Images

Never get caught without a frosty dessert again.

According to CNN, a new interactive map shows whether or not the McDonald’s locations in your area have a broken ice cream machine. Finally, you won’t have to suffer the frustration of trying to order a McFlurry and getting denied.

The website, McBroken, was created by a self-taught programmer named Rashiq Zahid in his home in Berlin, Germany, using Python and JavaScript, CNN reported. The website tracks over 10,000 McDonald’s locations across the United States. Clearly, not all heroes wear capes.

Screenshot of website showing map of U.S. with dots indicating McDonald's Ice Cream Machines
Credit: Rashiq Zahidv via

Zahid told CNN that he was inspired by internet memes that lament the restaurant’s constantly broken ice cream machine, no matter where or when you order. “I just created this as a joke, because it's been common knowledge that the machine breaks all the time,” Zahid told CNN. “So initially I just wanted to just know for myself, verify if it's just my impression or it's really the case?”

It basically works by using the McDonald’s Android app to add ice cream to the cart for restaurants across the country, CNN reported. If it works, the location shows up as a green dot on the map. If not, it shows up as red. The site shows you a map based on your computer’s location.

So, next time you’re told a machine is broken when ordering a cone, you can cross-reference with the map. However, it should be noted that the map may not have the most up-to-date information 100 percent of the time. It’s also fun to just see where there are broken machines and be sad for the people who can’t get ice cream in that area.

Still, McDonald’s fans are grateful for the tool. According to CNN, even David Tovar, vice president of US communications and government relations for the restaurant, tweeted about the McBroken site, saying, “Only a true @McDonalds fan would go to these lengths to help customers get our delicious ice cream! So, thanks!”

The site also shows percentages of broken machines in major cities. At the time of writing, the average of broken machines across the country was 12 percent.

For more information or to just find some delicious soft serve near you, visit the McBroken website.