By Andrea Romano
August 28, 2018
Miracle Whip, Florida
Credit: Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

A town is Florida is opting for a slightly sweeter and spicier name. At least temporarily.

The mayor of Mayo, Florida announced on Saturday that the town would change its name to Miracle Whip as part of a deal with Kraft Heinz, USA Today reported.

However, according to WCTV, the new, zestier name was actually just a tongue-in-cheek marketing stunt. The town is only keeping the name for a few days.

Even though it is meant as a joke, the town will still be receiving $25,000, according to USA Today, to put towards city beautification projects. Plus, the publicity will surely be a boost for Mayo’s (or Miracle Whip’s) tourism.

“Bland, unexciting and boring might be how we at Miracle Whip would describe mayonnaise, but certainly not the good people of Mayo, Florida. We believe no town should live under the shadow of such an uninspiring moniker, which is why we’re happy to lend our name to the town and help put Miracle Whip, Florida on the map,” Miracle Whip brand director Molly White said in a statement.

Even though the change is temporary, the town’s street signs and water tower will be changed. Even Google Maps has updated the new town name.

For those unfamiliar with the town, it’s actually not named for the savory sandwich spread; it’s named after Confederate Colonel James Mayo.

However, WCTV reported, people in the small town are well aware of the joke. “Everybody knows everybody. It’s been kind of difficult to keep everything under wraps,” said town clerk Linda Cone.

The small town of 1,500 residents certainly was buzzing after the announcement, with some residents even opting to change their own business names to get in on the joke. One resident, Ciara Jones, said in a statement, “We decided to change our name to ‘Miracle Whip Fertilizer,’ [our new tagline], 'We whip it, you spread it.”

People on Twitter have been sharing their reactions and photos from the town after the announcement was made.

Next time you’re in this small town in Florida, be sure to hold the mayo.