By Andrea Romano
February 05, 2019
Credit: Katie Bricker/Courtesy of National Parks Foundation

There has never been a better time to visit Atlanta.

The National Park Foundation, National Park Service, and the family of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. announced on Jan. 24 that the Atlanta home of Dr. King and his family will be made accessible to the public for the very first time, according to a statement by the National Park Foundation.

Credit: Katie Bricker/Courtesy of National Parks Foundation

The National Park Foundation purchased the home from the estate of Coretta Scott King on Jan. 8, 2019 for $400,000, the Washington Post reported. The acquisition of the family home in the Vine City neighborhood of Atlanta comes just months after the park acquired King’s birth home in the Sweet Auburn neighborhood.

“African American history is U.S. history, and the family home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King is a touchstone for us all to better understand our shared heritage...With greater access to Dr. King’s life and legacy, we can learn more about this country’s past and how his work continues to echo through time,” said Will Shafroth, president of the National Park Foundation.

Bernice A. King, one of Martin Luther King Jr.'s two daughters, said on Twitter, “We are very pleased to have worked with the National Park Foundation to ensure that the family home that my siblings and I grew up in will be open and available to the public.”

At the moment, there is no solid opening date for the house. According to The New York Times, it could take up to a year before the home is officially open as the park plans repairs and restorations on the house.

Credit: Katie Bricker/Courtesy of National Parks Foundation

Until then, there are still many other sites that are part of The King Center, including Dr. King’s birth home, the Eternal Flame, Freedom Hall, Historic Ebenezer Baptist Church, the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historical Park and other sites, all located in Atlanta.

You can even follow in Martin Luther King Jr.’s footsteps by taking a specially planned road trip.

For more information, visit The King Center website or the National Park Foundation website.