The World's Largest Candy Maker Is Saving Halloween With Virtual Trick-or-treating

Go trick-or-treating at Disney's Haunted Mansion or the M&M’s World in Times Square on the Mars Wrigley Treat Town app.

The company behind favorite candy brands like M&M’s, Snickers, Twix, Skittles, and more is here to save Halloween. Holiday plans are up in the air for many families around the country who are looking for fun and safe ways to celebrate Halloween this year, so Mars Wrigley, the world’s largest candy maker, launched the first-ever digital trick-or-treating experience this month. Treat Town allows users to enjoy an immersive Halloween experience from the safety of their homes via the free iOS and Android app now through Oct. 31.

"Halloween is a mega-moment at Mars Wrigley and we've tried to think of everything our consumers might need in 2020 to embrace both familiar and new Halloween traditions," Tanya Berman, Mars Wrigley's head of seasonal marketing, said in a statement. "We quickly pivoted to the totally new Treat Town platform, so families, friends, and communities have the entire month of October for inclusive, digital celebrations that create better moments and more smiles this Halloween season. We've partnered with the National Safety Council to help create tips and guidance for a mindful Halloween experience for all during the pandemic.”

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Here’s how it works: Throughout the month, users can create an account on the app to participate in a range of festive activities. They can decorate their virtual door, create an avatar, and host trick-or-treaters. If you want to pass out candy, you can purchase virtual candy credits for Mars Wrigley brands to give to friends and family who come “knocking.” You can also visit their virtual doors to collect credits that can be redeemed for candy in stores or online. Users will also have the option to donate their credits to the Boys & Girls Club of America — Mars Wrigley will be donating $50,000 to the organization, too.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of virtual candy, you can explore digital attractions in the app, including Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Trick-or-treaters can see the iconic attraction’s characters and even knock on the Haunted Mansion’s door starting on Oct. 23. Other virtual attractions include the M&M’s World in Times Square, which will also be open for trick-or-treating.

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