All you need is an exercise ball and a medicine ball.
Mark Wahlberg Family Vacation Holiday Travel Barbados Caribbean Island
Credit: robertharding/Getty Images; @byrheawahlberg/Instagram

When you’re a Hollywood star whose career relies on looking good, you can’t afford to miss a workout just because you’re traveling.

Although he’s on vacation with family in Barbados, Mark Wahlberg is continuing training for the filming of his upcoming movie, “Mile 22.”

He posted video proof of his workout to Instagram with the hashtag #nodaysoff on Thursday. In his workout, Wahlberg balances on an exercise ball while leaning back to catch a medicine ball.

And, as any athlete knows, body building extends to the kitchen. It’s safe to assume that Wahlberg is not pounding Wahlburgers while on vacation — although he did share a video of his personal chef cooking up meatballs while on the golf course.

However Wahlberg’s full-on workout and eating lifestyle may not be attainable for every gym rat who’s on the road. Those who are inspired by Wahlberg’s traveling commitment to fitness but would prefer something more low-key can swap the gym and personal trainer for a pair of sneakers and a free fitness app and learn how to balance their meals on the road with healthy snacks. Prepare to come back from vacation looking better than when you left.