Prepare to have your faith in hu-manatee restored.
Manatee "Manny-T" was rehabilitated by the Atlantis Resort and released.
Credit: Courtesy of Atlantis

After three months under the care of marine specialists at Atlantis, Paradise Island, a wild manatee named “Manny-T” has been released back into his ocean home.

Manny-T was rescued by the resort’s marine mammal team, Dolphin Cay and Marine Mammal Specialists, back in September. The team found him to be grossly malnourished, weighing only 365 pounds — while the average manatee weighs about 650 pounds.

Atlantis team preparing Manny-T the Manatee for release
Credit: Courtesy of Atlantis

Scientists from the U.S. Geological Survey and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission theorize that the recent hurricanes may have caused Manny-T to be displaced from his home range near Tampa, Florida, where he was unable to locate the proper food and resources crucial for survival.

After working with the specialists, Manny-T finally got back up to a healthy 840 pounds, eating 144 heads of romaine, 24 heads of kale and 4 bags of spinach every day. Your move, Popeye.

The resort said in a statement that he actually ate the entire island’s supply of kale around the holidays.

Atlantis boat prepares to release Manny-T the Manatee
Credit: Courtesy of Atlantis

Manatees are becoming a scarce sight in the ocean. Manny-T is one of only 3,000 male manatees left in the world.

The Atlantis Bahamas resort works with the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization and the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources to give care to local marine life. It’s mission is to rehabilitate injured or ill wild animals and release them back into their natural habitats.

Manny-T the Manatee swimming after his release in the Bahamas
Credit: Courtesy of Atlantis

The Atlantis team always keeps recovering animals out of the public view and has its own rescue boat, “The Sea Keeper,” as well as full-time, on-property experts with years of experience in this field.

Manny-T was released in North Eleuthera, where he was first found. There is also a small population of manatees that will help him to continue a healthy life.