Hotel slippers are better kept to your room.
hotel room slipper
Credit: yipengge/Getty Images

Police were able to use an unlikely clue to find the suspect of a recent string of robberies in California’s Manhattan Beach.

The suspect, whose identity has not been released, was wearing a pair of slippers he had taken from the hotel he was staying in, helping police determine where they could locate him, Manhattan Beach police officials said in a statement.

According to Manhattan Beach Police Department officials, they were called to investigate reports of car robberies in the neighborhood on Sunday, April 1, when one of the victims said she had video surveillance of the suspect loitering by the vehicles.

The video showed the man, in slippers, walking towards the car and trying to open the front door before he realized it was locked, moving on to take items from other cars down the street.

“Due to the suspect wearing slippers in the video, the officer had the foresight to check a local hotel near the crime scene to see if the suspect was staying there,” Sergeant Tim Zins said in the statement.

Police then went to the hotel to further investigate the scene, installing surveillance to watch the suspect as he went in and out of the property. They were eventually able to confirm he was the same individual committing the thefts, at which point they took him into custody.

The man, who stole several items from the cars, was arrested for attempted residential burglary, theft from a motor vehicle, and possession of stolen property.