Restaurant bottle of wine
Credit: Boris Kuznets/Getty Images

A fancy bottle of wine goes well with a delicious dinner, but it’s even better when it’s free.

One customer at Hawksmoor, a steakhouse in Manchester, England, benefitted from one bartender’s mistake by recieving a £4,500 ($5,800 USD) bottle of wine that they didn’t order, Metro reported.

According to the restaurant’s Twitter account, a customer ordered a much less expensive bottle of wine that had a similar vintage to the pricey 2001 Chateau le Pin Pomerol. Unfortunately (or perhaps very fortunately), the bartender grabbed the expensive bottle and served it to the table.

In all fairness, the two bottles are fairly similar when you look at their labels, though one is red and one is gold. They also have similar names, Chateau Le Pin and Chateau Pichon Longeville. We totally understand the mistake.

According to Metro, the Chateau Pinchon Longeville is priced at £260 (about $331 USD). While that is also a pretty expensive bottle of wine, it still doesn’t come close to the Chateau Le Pin.

It’s unclear whether the expensive wine was comped or was simply sold to the customer for the price of the bottle they actually ordered.

Either way, the restaurant said to the mystery customer that they hoped they “enjoyed their evening.” And if you are worried about the bartender who accidentally cost the restaurant over $5,000, no need to fear.

“To the member of staff who accidentally gave it away, chin up! One-off mistakes happen and we love you anyway,” the restaurant said on Twitter.

According to CNN, the Chateau Le Pin is the most expensive bottle in the restaurant and is located in the “rarities” section of the menu. So, basically, one customer got a very obscure, extra special bottle of wine for way less than it was worth.

Though it’s a little suspicious that the customer didn’t catch the mistake when they saw the bottle themselves, hopefully they still left a big tip.