Naturally, airport officials weren't pleased.

By Andrea Romano
March 26, 2019
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Long layovers are never very comfortable, but some travelers manage to make the best of things.

On Sunday, one traveler at Charlotte Douglas International Airport really found a way to settle in. And frankly, we wish we’d thought of it first.

According to Fox News, an unidentified man set up a hammock above the windows of one of the departure areas at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. While it’s unclear what flight he was waiting for, it must have been quite a long layover.

The man’s “genius” travel hack was spotted by other travelers, but airport officials weren’t as impressed by it.

An airport worker was seen asking the man to get down from his lofty sleeping spot. Luckily, the man seemed happy to comply, even if the worker did suddenly wake him from a sound sleep.

“She tapped the hammock and his head just poked up,” said eyewitness Magalli Odom to SWNS, according to Fox News. “I didn’t hear what was said but he was very compliant and used the chairs to help himself down.”

The man isn’t exactly the first to think of raising a hammock at an airport to help himself stay comfy as he waits for a flight. According to Mashable, another man at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport had the same idea. Another person on Reddit shared a photo of a fellow traveler opting to pitch a hammock at Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport back in 2018, as well.

Hey, a good idea is a good idea, regardless of who was first.

However, airports would probably frown upon travelers bringing their own hammocks, so we suggest not trying this one out for yourself. If you do have a long layover, there are lots of other ways to kill time without spending any money.

But if you just really like the idea of hammock travel, you can also bring a travel-friendly hammock on your flight instead.