He's willing to pay up to $15.5 million to surprise his wife and kids (and the family dog).

By Andrea Romano
February 06, 2019
Side view of the famed Mt. Rushmore National Monument, South Dakota
Credit: Layne Kennedy/Getty Images

Move over, Mount Rushmore.

There’s a man in the U.K. who wants to put the iconic U.S. monument to shame. He just needs the perfect mountain to do it.

According to The Scottish Herald, an English multi-millionaire is seeking to buy a mountain in Scotland for £12 million (about $15.5 million USD) in order to carve faces into it in the style of Mount Rushmore.

But not the faces of British Monarchy, or statesmen, or even The Beatles. He just wants to carve his own family’s faces into it. This is taking the Sears Photo Studio to a way extra level.

And apparently, according to The Scottish Herald, Scotland is the best place to find particularly high peaks in Britain. The request to find an appropriate mountain was put forth on the luxury marketplace website HushHush.

The anonymous buyer said the mountain would need to be big enough to “fit me, the missus, my three boys, my daughter and our dog so I’d like it to be quite large,” the Scottish Sun reported. He’s also open to a cliff face. And, most importantly, it has to be a surprise.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, not everyone is in favor of this proposal and some even think it's an elaborate joke. Neil Reid of Mountaineering Scotland told The Scottish Herald, “It would not be a case of buying a mountain and carving your face in it, I would have thought you would need planning permission.”

Some even have denounced it as vandalism, according to The Scottish Herald. Ben Nevis, a spokesman for the John Muir Trust, said, “we see ourselves as guardians rather than owners, protecting these mountains for present and future generations. We hope no-one would dream of selling any mountain so it can be defaced by an irresponsible millionaire.”

So, it seems this anonymous millionaire’s request may end up being an up-hill battle (sorry).

But it’s apparently not the first time he’s bought an extravagant gift for his family. According to Metro, he bought them a private tropical island and bought his wife a necklace through HushHush only last week.