If you thought your vacation was badass because you took a long hike — you need to think again. Why? Because you’ve got nothing on Antonio de la Rosa, who just spent 76 days paddling his way from California to Hawaii.

According to the Associated Press, de la Rosa, a 50-year-old from Valladolid, Spain, paddled all 2,500 miles on a massive standup paddleboard that measured in at 21 feet long. Surely, he was thankful for his large ship as during his journey de la Rosa reportedly hit rough seas.

"I like it because it's hard," de la Rosa told the AP about his journey. On the trip, de la Rosa added, he paddled for up to eight or 10 hours each day and slept in the board at night in a small hatch just large enough for him and a bit of storage space. He sustained himself by eating dehydrated food, drinking heated water, and even caught a fish or two for a fancy meal now and then.

De la Rosa told SFGate, his trip could be described as "absolute loneliness and self-sufficiency.” But, he noted that he did it all in the name of a good cause: to raise awareness for protecting the ocean from man-made pollution.

On the side of his vessel he even painted the words, "SAVE the OCEAN," and "NO plastics, NO nets, RECYCLE."

"We've been proud to support Antonio on this historic achievement," Galen Licht of Sea Trek, a Sausalito-based kayaking business that helped arrange de la Rosa’s journey, told SFGate. Beyond Sea Trek, De la Rosa’s journey was also supported at Waikiki Yacht Club.

"We congratulate him on his notable accomplishment, navigating under his own power across the Pacific Ocean," Mike Kelly, Waikiki Yacht Club commodore, told KHON. "Hawaii has a long and well-known history of navigators who have traversed the ocean to reach our shores, and we are very pleased to extend our aloha to Antonio."