Looks like this ghost town is about to come back to life.

By Andrea Romano
July 18, 2018
Pete Ryan/National Geographic/Getty Images

Visiting a ghost town is about to take on a completely different meaning.

On Friday, July 13, Brent Underwood, owner of a backpacker hostel in Austin, Texas, officially bought a 19th-century ghost town in California called Cerro Gordo for a cool $1.4 million. The asking price for the land was actually $925,000, according to the listing.

Real estate agent Jake Rasmuson told CNN that of all the offers, Underwood’s was the most beneficial to the land and community.

Pete Ryan/National Geographic/Getty Images

Cerro Gordo, which is a mining town that struck silver in 1865, has long been abandoned but was passed down through the same family for generations. About 22 original structures are still standing, and Underwood intends to preserve the town for its important part in American history.

“The town is so rich in history and has impacted so many lives,” Underwood told CNN. “Cerro Gordo is a true piece of American history that is impossible to replicate.”

Underwood and a partner, Jon Bier, are planning to renovate certain buildings in their historical, 19th-century style, but with modern amenities like Wi-Fi and comfortable accommodations for visitors who want to stay for several nights.

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“We're looking to create a new destination. It isn't often you're able to have such a canvas to work with. We have over 300 acres and dozens of buildings,” Underwood said. “We want to maintain the historic nature of the property while introducing amenities that will allow more people to enjoy the location.”

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Underwood added that the area will also play host to “high level programming in forms of writing retreats, music events, dining experiences, photo shoots, theater, special events, and more.”

Looks like this ghost town is about to come back to life.