The first trailer for “Mamma Mia!: Here We Go Again” just dropped and it's giving us major wanderlust.


The first trailer for this summer’s sequel to the musical hit “Mamma Mia!” just dropped, and here we go again.

The film, which will debut about 10 years after the original starring Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried, centers on the story of young Donna (originally portrayed by Streep and now played by Lily James). The film gives audiences a look into Donna’s past, her relationships, and her journey through pregnancy, while mirroring the tale with a storyline focused on her daughter Sophie’s (Seyfried’s) own pregnancy in the present day.

The entire cast of the original film appears to have returned, including “dads” Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, and Stellan Skarsgaard and mom’s best friends Julie Walters and Christine Baranski. However, we aren’t given a single glimpse of new footage of Streep herself.

While the trailer raises a lot of questions (Is Meryl Streep’s character dead? Are we supposed to believe Cher is old enough to be Streep’s mother?), the most important question of all relates to our future travel plans. Where was all of the film’s gorgeous footage shot, and how can we visit?

Although the story is supposed to be set on the Greek island of Kalokairi, with much of the original film being shot around Greece, the sequel was actually shot on location in Croatia. While much of the footage is still meant to look like a Santorini-esque location, IMDb states that much of the filming took place in Vis, a remote island off the coast of Croatia.

The Grecian dupe may seem a tad disappointing at first, but Vis is a stunner in its own right, featuring turquoise blue waters, striking architecture and tropical temperatures. The farthest inhabited island off of the Croatian mainland, Vis offers gorgeous beaches, a variety of hotels and even a stunning blue grotto, all in peaceful isolation.

Vis Croatia.
Vis, in Croatia, is a perfect getaway.
| Credit: Matthew Baker/Getty Images

Although we don’t yet know if the entirety of the film was shot here, the vibrant, music-filled trailer has already convinced us to book a trip. If you now have your sights set on Vis for your next island getaway, getting to the quiet location may prove easier than you'd think.

Vis may be a good distance off the mainland, but frequent car ferries and catamarans transport passengers between the island and the Croatian city of Split. Split has its own largely accessible airport, and although it may prove difficult to fly directly from the U.S. to Split, numerous airlines (including budget lines like easyJet) make frequent trips from Europe in the summer months.

Split, Croatia
Want to plan a Mamma Mia-style getaway? Head to Split, Croatia.
| Credit: Doug Pearson/Getty Images

In the end, when it comes to mysterious island getaways (and buying that second “Mamma Mia!” ticket), my my, how could we resist you?