The Maldives Is Reopening in July — Here's What You Need to Know

Tourists will not be required to quarantine on arrival to the islands.

The Maldives will be reopening in July, so you might be able to book that vacation to paradise after all.

According to a statement from Visit Maldives, the tiny island nation will begin reopening to tourists on July 15. On this date, all resorts and hotels on uninhabited islands will be open again, however hotels and resorts on inhabited islands will have to wait until Aug. 1.

Two islands in the Maldives seen from Aerial view
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The Maldives is well-known for its idyllic accommodations that include access to gorgeous sandy beaches, crystal clear ocean waters, and luxury suites. Some resorts even have packages that allow you to reserve entire islands all for you and your group (for a considerable fee, of course).

The islands are also highly dependent on tourism in order to boost their economy. “The tourism industry... accounts for the largest foreign exchange earnings, making it the biggest economic contributor in the country,” it says in the statement from Visit Maldives. “However, it has come to a standstill due to the stringent public health measures taken to curb COVID-19. The tourism industry has been gearing up to restart; it is set to resume in compliance to protective measures, taking into account the safety of tourists and staff working in the industry.”

According to Visit Maldives, international visitors will not have to pay additional fees or produce paperwork that proves they have tested negative for coronavirus upon arrival. Visitors without symptoms will also not have to quarantine themselves. However, visitors who have a history of contact with someone with a confirmed case of coronavirus, or has had visible symptoms, within the last 14 days are advised not to travel to the country.

Health declaration cards, which will need to be filled out, will be provided to visitors on their aircraft, and a 30-day tourist visa will be provided on arrival. Masks, social distancing, thermal screening, and use of hand sanitizer are encouraged at the airport and in transit.

More information about the Maldives reopening can be found on the Visit Maldives website.

Of course, if you can’t get to the Maldives this summer, you can still get a blissful island vacation by visiting one of the many Caribbean islands that are reopening soon, like Aruba or the Bahamas. Check out when each island is opening to tourists again.

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