The ride-sharing wars are on in Canada.

Lyft app
The Lyft app is seen on a passenger's phone on February 3, 2016 in San Francisco, California.
| Credit: Mike Coppola / Staff

Lyft is officially an international company with the launch of its first service outside the U.S. — in Toronto.

The expansion was first announced last month and officially went into effect on Tuesday.

Toronto’s version of the popular ride-sharing app includes all the standard Lyft modes, including Lyft Plus, Lyft Premiere, Lyft Lux and Lyft Lux SUV rides. The ride-sharing service can also be used to take rides to and from Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

Lyft will now test its rivalry with Uber outside the U.S. for the first time.

Uber already has a stronghold in Toronto, but recently made a major gaff by charging a Toronto customer nearly $15,000 for a 20-minute ride.

Tim Houghton, the general manger of Lyft in Toronto, said the company is eager to win over Canadian customers.

“We believe that we’re at parity with the competition in terms of [estimated times of arrival] and pricing,” Houghton told the Toronto Star. “Where we really set ourselves apart is how we treat people. So whether it’s a passenger, a driver, or regulators, we really go out of our way to make sure people are treated well and fairly.”

Uber countered Lyft’s comments with a statement of its own to the Star.

“We welcome competition that encourages the use of more transportation alternatives,” company spokesperson Xavier Van Chau said to the paper. “More options can help reduce congestion and pollution as consumers increasingly make the switch from driving their own car to using shared mobility services.”

Earlier this year, Lyft expanded to many cities throughout the U.S. The company announced it was launching in 40 cities in January and expanding to an additional 54 cities in February.