Lyft's New E-bike Can Ride for 60 Miles on a Single Charge — See It Now

The bike will initially be available through a public beta test in San Francisco next week.

Rideshare company Lyft is going electric this week with its new and improved e-bike.

The electric bicycle, which Lyft spent two years developing, features an adaptive motor, built-in speaker system, and can ride for 60 miles on a single charge, the company shared with Travel + Leisure on Wednesday.

The e-bike also has a built-in LCD screen that offers tutorials (for unlocking the bike, parking, and more), and an improved seat clamp makes it easier to adjust the bike to a rider's height.

Lyft bike
Courtesy of Lyft

"Lyft has always been about creating affordable, reliable and joyful transportation experiences - and few things create joy like riding this new e-bike," John Zimmer, the president and co-founder of Lyft, said in a statement provided to T+L.

When designing the bike, safety was a priority with retroreflective paint used on the bikes as well as safety sensors and a rear hydraulic brake installed.

And when it comes to power, the Lyft e-bike features 500 watts — stronger than any other e-bike the company has had before — making it easier to hit hills and bridges.

Lyft bike
Courtesy of Lyft

The bike will initially be available through a public beta test in San Francisco next week, before eventually being phased into markets across the country, starting with Chicago, a Lyft spokesman told T+L.

E-bikes have become a popular offering for Lyft customers since the company first introduced them in 2019. In fact, Lyft's electric-powered bicycles saw two to three times as many rides per bike compared to their classic pedal counterparts last year, according to the company.

"Using our learnings as the largest ebike operator in North America, we set out to make the world's best shared ebike with a beautiful modern design, industry leading safety technology, and a low carbon footprint," said David Foster, the head of transit, bikes and scooters at Lyft.

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