By Cailey Rizzo
July 04, 2018
Credit: Getty Images

There are moments of guilt in every traveling dog owner’s life.

Leaving your dog behind can be heart-wrenching — unless you know that they’re probably having a better vacation than you. A California pet hotel offers getaways so luxurious, your pets might not even notice you’re gone.

The Barkingham Pet Hotel in Palm Desert, California is a resort getaway for your canine companions, complete with all the things humans have become accustomed to at resorts: massages at the spa, gourmet meals, and luxury suite accommodations.

Credit: Courtesy of Barkingham Pet Hotel California

Dogs who check into the Barkingham sleep in private suites, with their own double beds. Owners can check in on their dogs in the suites at any time with live webcams.

Spa appointments — complete with grooming, mud bath, and essential oil massage — are available. The food menu could pass for something from a farm-to-table restaurant: greek yogurt parfait, broiled chicken, turkey “muttloaf.”

High-anxiety dogs get one-on-one time with a specialized valet service to calm down any separation anxiety.

Like most great human hotels, the Barkingham is also available to book for special events. Canine birthday parties can take over the joint. Dogs in love can get married at the Barkingham.

Credit: Courtesy of Barkingham Pet Hotel California

There are also wellness and educational components for dogs who need some structure. Guests at the Barkingham can hit the gym and log time on treadmill or book a “pawlates” class.

Rates start at $59 per night and go up to $99 for a suite.