Lufthansa Will Now Let You Book Three Seats to Yourself or a 'Sleeper's Row' on Long-Haul Flights

An entire row all to yourself.

There is no travel blessing quite like showing up for an overnight flight to discover you have the entire row to yourself and now, Lufthansa is making it a sure thing.

With the airline's new "Sleeper's Row" perk you'll now be able to upgrade to an entire row of three to four seats all to yourself for the duration of your flight on Aug. 2 for flights that last 11 hours or longer.

Lufthansa seat
Courtesy of Lufthansa

"This offer comes with a comfortable pillow, blanket, and mattress topper of Business Class quality, allowing passengers to fully relax while on board before reaching their final destination," according to a press release from the airline.

A special seat belt will ensure that passengers remain safe throughout the entire flight. Those who book the Sleeper's Row will also be able to board the plane before the rest of economy class passengers.

Booking a Sleeper's Row starts at about $190 and increases to $272 (€159 -€229), depending on the route. There are three of these luxe seating arrangements on each flight.

Lufthansa plane
Boris Roessler/picture alliance via Getty Images

And passengers taller than six feet should be aware they won't be able to sprawl all the way out. Seats aboard a Lufthansa 747 are only 17 inches wide, so even if you get four together, it will only measure about 5'6".

Lufthansa tested the Sleeper Row on the route from Frankfurt to Sao Paulo and back for several weeks at the end of last year. Feedback from that trial run helped inform the new feature.

Similarly, last year, Air New Zealand teased its "SkyNest" that would place six lie-flat beds in a bunker at the tail of the economy cabin.

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